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All photographers seek to capture that "perfect moment" and anchor it in time so that it can be shared and cherished over time.  A really good photo tells a story when words just aren't enough and strives to explain the world at a moment in time when passion, joy, and yes, challenges, are communicated.  It's as if the photographer has tiptoed right into the subject's reality and revealed the truth of the moment.  

Andrea Watson has been taking sailing photos for the past 15 years. She is a sailor and knows the exact spot to capture the frenzied jogging for advantage on a crowded starting line, the hair-raising close action at a windward mark, those "oops! moments" when that spinnaker set was less than optimal (read: really disastrous), and the determination of skipper and crew as they fight to cross the finish line first. With the help of an extended telephoto lens,  she gets right in the thick of the action, sometimes climbing on board with teams, ready to score a photo revealing the heat of the moment. It is her passion for the sport of sailing, her compassion, and yes, her unabashed excitement to be on the water that is reflected in all her photos. The spectacular photographer, Annie Leibovitz has said, "A thing that you see in my picture is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." Andrea's passion for sailing makes is easy to fall in love with the her sailors, both young and old, and makes taking photos of them so much fun. Click on PHOTOGRAPHY above to view and purchase photos.

Andrea doesn't just take photos.  She is a noted journalist who has been writing a weekly sailing column, On The Bay, for over 15 years.  She has been named Press Officer for many regattas, starting with the Knickerbocker Cup, an international match race that has produced many top-level match racers in both the America's Cup and the World Match Racing Tour. She has covered fleet racing, match racing on the local, national and international level. For examples of recent Press Release, click on PUBLIC RELATIONS above.  Andrea is uniquely positioned to promote your event with both press releases and photos.

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with a very talented and creative Graphic Artist.  She has tons of experience, just having celebrated her 40th year in business.  Stayed tuned for an update on this page and also in GRAPHIC DESIGN above. 

The staff at Sailing Press has the expertise and equipment to offer its clients printing services at a discounted price.  For details go to PRINTING SERVICES.


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MAISA - Laser North

Nevins Trophy 2016

Clagett Match Race

Pixel - Bic Jr. Regatta

MBYC Race Week


2016-9-11:  John Ruitenberg, Queens University, has won the MAISA Laser North regatta at Kings Point, home of the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA).  PRO Rick Dominique called it a day after completing 12 races over the two-day event.  With wind building to 18-20 knots, with gusts to 25,  it was determined that all positions for qualifying and the first place was lockied in, so racing was called for the day.  For a full results and an expanded report,  click HERE.  Photos from the event can be seen HERE and also on Sailing Press Facebook page HERE.

2016-8-23:  Sailing Press is proud to announce that Steve Benjamin, who is on our Advisory Board, has just won the Ida Lewis Distance Race.  Thanks very much to our friend, Barby MacGowan, Media Pro Newport, for her excellent coverage of this event.  More about Media Pro Newport HERE

2016-8-23:  Steve Benjamin Wins Ida Lewis Distance Race.  After almost 13 1/2 hours of racing, Steve Benjamin’s (Jamestown, R.I./South Norwalk, Conn.) TP52 Spookie was first to finish at just after 2:35 a.m. Saturday morning, while the last boat, Alfred Van Liew and David Brodsky’s (Middletown, R.I.) S&S 48 Odyssey, finished at around 12:30 Saturday afternoon. Spookie ended up winning the Russell L. Hoyt Memorial Trophy for best elapsed time in IRC division and the Commodore’s Trophy for best corrected time in her nine-boat IRC class, making this the second year in a row for her to do so. Full press release HERE.  Full results HERE

2016-8-21: Noroton YC Wins Invitational Team Race Regatta. Sailors often say it’s the little things that make the difference between winning and losing. This was the case for Noroton Yacht Club as they won the Invitational Team Race Regatta for the Commodore George R. Hinman Masters Trophy for the second straight year, though maybe not in the way you’d expect.  For complete press release, click HERE

2016-8-16:  Stephanie Roble Comes in 2nd at Woman's International Match Racing Series.  Stephanie Roble and Liz Shaw, racing under the American banner, returned from Lysekil, Sweden, where she and her teammates placed second in the Women's International Match Racing Series event. The final race against Anna Östling came down to mere inches on the final downwind leg. Roble/Shaw and the Epic Racing team are looking strong moving forward. Congrats to to both ladies! Stephanie is on Sailing Press' Advisory Board, so naturally we are following her enthusiastically.  For more information on WIM (Women's Match Race Series), click HERE

Press Releases

Upcoming Events

2016 Manhasset Bay Race Week - August 24, 26-28, 2016. Manhasset Bay Yacht Club (MBYC) hosted its 84th Annual Race Week on Aug. 24, 26, 27, and 28. Wednesday night, Aug. 24 was reserved for Ladies Sailing and three teams competed in club Ideal 18s. Aviva Pinto and Roxanne Leamon, Manhasset Bay YC (#173) with 6 points (1,1,1,3) followed by PWYC team of Dawn Serignese, skipper, Regina Marino and Marlene Fried Berg (8 points). Third place went to PWYC team with Josefina Jervis co-skipper, Tara Zickerman, co-skipper and Maryann Ressa (10) points. Full press release HERE

2016 Governor's Cup Regatta - August 20, 2016  The 2nd Annual Governor's Cup Regatta is history.  This new event, a combined effort of Manhasset Bay YC, City Island YC and Huguenot YC had a very successful event last Saturday, Aug. 20.  Though the weather on western LI Sound was threatening - predictions of lots of thunder and lightening - Mother Nature took pity on the 35 boats entered in the race and decided to give other locations the best she had to offer.  This year Huguenot YC was the host and set up a course around Hart Island (near Sands Point) that racers raced counter-clockwise.  Two United States Merchant Marine Boats (STING and ZETIANA) and one U.S.M.M.A boat, MOONSHINE, competed along with local racer, Bob Schwartz, on NORDLYS.  Full report HERE

Christophe Killian (USA) Wins the 2016 Oakcliff International.  Eight of the top match racing teams in the world converged at Oakcliff for the first event of the 2016 GRAND SLAM Series. Three round robin races were completed over the first three days of racing. Dave Perry (USA) led the way with 17 wins and only four losses. He was followed by fellow Oakcliff Board Member, David Storrs (USA) at 14-7, as well as Jeremy Koo (MAS) at 13-8, and Christophe Killian at 12-9. On the final day of round robin racing, Killian’s team elected to retire from their final three races in favor of allowing all competitors to escape the heat and rest up for the final day of racing. will be distributed according to the ISAF schedule.  For complete press release, click HERE.  Final results are HERE.

USMMA Brings Home Silver in the Around Long Island Race (ALIR)

The 40th edition of the Around Long Island Race (ALIR) is over and the Midshipmen from USMMA, as they are wont to do, brought home silver and crystal. Along the way, they made friends, had fun, upped their blue water sailing skills…and represented USMMA in fine fashion. Kudos to the teams, their coaches, and USMMA. PHANTOM, a Tripp 40, came in 2nd in Division 8, denied first place by AVALANCHE, a Farr 395, Craig Albrecht/Mark DiSanti. To put this in perspective, AVALANCE’s team of very experienced racers have been together for a long time and have many regattas under their belt. PHANTOM also won the Jack Sussi Memorial, which is the first place award for a Service Academy boat. MORE

The C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta and Oakcliff Sailing are happy to announce that the two organizations have joined forces to create a new match racing event for adaptive sailors in North America.  Hosted by the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay, NY, the inaugural Clagett/Oakcliff Match Race event will be held July 15-17, 2016. MORE

The Young American Junior Big Boat Sailing Team  The Newport to Bermuda Race is over and all boats have safely arrived in Newport. The 635-mile biennial Newport Bermuda Race is the oldest regularly scheduled ocean race, one of very few international distance races and one of just two of the world’s regularly scheduled races held almost entirely out of sight of land. of land. MORE

Stamford YC Vineyard Race, Sept. 2. Labor Day weekend's Vineyard Race is a classic American yachting event: a 238-mile course stretching from Shippan Point, through the swirling currents of the Race or Plum Gut, past Block Island, and on to the light tower at the entrance to Buzzard's Bay, to return to the finish in Stamford Harbor. Begun in 1932, it has attracted the finest sailors and fastest boats for nearly 80 years, and its intricacies and challenges bring them back time after time.  TO REGISTER

Storm Trysail and Riverside YC - Long Island Sound Championship, Sept. 17-18, 2016. Handicap racing for IRC and PHRF.  Level racing for J105, J109, J70 and more. TO REGISTER

Port Washington YC Charity Cup Regatta, Sept. 18, 2016  Open to single-hull yachts whose owner if a member of YRALIS.  PHRF, IRC and One Design boats.  Special non-spinnaker class. BBQ and Awards immediately following race.  Overall winner gets oil painting of boat.  Register HERE

American YC Fall Series and J88 Championships, Sept. 24-25 and Oct. 1-2.  Level, IRC and PHRF Classes. 10 or more divisions.  Food and Beer each day of racing.  Qualifies for YRA season & IRC Gulfstream Series Trophies.  For NOR, SI and entry form, click HERE

Sonar North American Championship, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2016.  Manhasset Bay YC is the organizing authority for this event.  Open to all competitors who meet the Sonar Class Association eligibility requirements.  Racing area is Manhasset Bay and western Long Island Sound.  Sailing Instruction available no later than August 29, 2016.  More informaiton:  William McCollum, Fleet Captain, Sonar Fleet #11, or Paul Strauch, Commodore MBYC and Event Chair,  

Storm Trysail Foundation and Larchmont YC-Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta, Oct. 8-9. Cancelled in 2015 due to Hurricane Joaquin.  The 2014 edition saw more the 430 collegiate sailors race in 52 borrowed boats. The overall winner gets an all-expense paid trip to the EDHEC Sailing Cup in La Rochelle France - the world's largest sailing regatta.To REGISTER

Manhasset Bay YC Fall Series, Oct. 15-16 and Oct. 22. IRC and PHRF clsess - J44, J109, J105. Inshore Circle: Melges 24s, Sonars, plus more. Distance race for IRC and PHRF classes.  Last races to qualify for YRA season Trophies.  To enter, click HERE

Moosehead Luncheon, Stamford YC, Oct. 22, 2016.  Run by the Moosehead Committee, their mission is to find and expose Race Committee mistakes and then "out" them at the luncheon. Awards are actual mounted moose heads for the most part, loaned to the yacht club that has the (dubious) distinction of winning. It a fabulously fun and enlightening event....and showcases all those Race Committee  "oops!" moments.  Ray Redniss, Stamford YC, is chair of the Moosehead Committee and his band of marauders are on the look-out for ripe material. Invitations issued in October.

YRALIS Annual Award Meeting, Dec. 4, 2016, Larchmont YC. This annual meeting awards trophies to the top Long Island Sound winners in PHRF and one design boats. Meeting starts with a noted speaker (TBA) and follows with the awards.  Speaker to be announced.  Dinner available at LYC following the meeting, but need reservations.  For more information on the Annual Meeting,  For reservations for dinner, call the Larchmont YC at (914-834-2440.

"Greatness is not where we stand, but in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but sail we must, and not drift or lie at anchor."       -------Oliver Wendell Holmes                                                              


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