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All photographers seek to capture that "perfect moment" and anchor it in time so that it can be shared and cherished over time.  A really good photo tells a story when words just aren't enough and strives to explain the world at a moment in time when passion, joy, and yes, challenges, are communicated.  It's as if the photographer has tiptoed right into the subject's reality and revealed the truth of the moment.  

Andrea Watson has been taking sailing photos for the past 15 years. She is a sailor and knows the exact spot to capture the frenzied jogging for advantage on a crowded starting line, the hair-raising close action at a windward mark, those "oops! moments" when that spinnaker set was less than optimal (read: really disastrous), and the determination of skipper and crew as they fight to cross the finish line first. With the help of an extended telephoto lens,  she gets right in the thick of the action, sometimes climbing on board with teams, ready to score a photo revealing the heat of the moment. It is her passion for the sport of sailing, her compassion, and yes, her unabashed excitement to be on the water that is reflected in all her photos. The spectacular photographer, Annie Leibovitz has said, "A thing that you see in my picture is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." Andrea's passion for sailing makes is easy to fall in love with the her sailors, both young and old, and makes taking photos of them so much fun. Click on PHOTOGRAPHY above to view and purchase photos.

Andrea doesn't just take photos.  She is a noted journalist who has been writing a weekly sailing column, On The Bay, for over 15 years.  She has been named Press Officer for many regattas, starting with the Knickerbocker Cup, an international match race that has produced many top-level match racers in both the America's Cup and the World Match Racing Tour. She has covered fleet racing, match racing on the local, national and international level. For examples of recent Press Release, click on PUBLIC RELATIONS above.  Andrea is uniquely positioned to promote your event with both press releases and photos.

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New Year Regatta -Day1

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MAISA Match Racing

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MAISA - Laser North


2017-1-4:  Frostbite New Year's Regatta.  The Frostbite Yacht Club New Year's Regatta held at Manhasset Bay YC has winners.  The top three podium finishes all went to Larchmont YC frostbiters.  In the IC Dinghy class:  1. Simon Strauss/Anne Patin,  2. Paul Jon Patin/Felicity Ryan, and 3. Steve Benjamin/Brooks Daley.  In the Ideal 18 class:  1.  Peter Beardsley/Simon Karstoft and Rachel Beardsley, Larchmont YC, 2. Stephanie Bass/George Huntington, Manhasset Bay YC, and 3. Pam Washington and Matt Temares, Larchmont YC.  Full press release to follow.  

2016-10-8: Benjamin Repeats as Etchells NA Champion.   The 2016 Etchells North American Championship finished today at the San Francisco Yacht Club.  Eighteen boats have entered the regatta, hailing from the US and New Zealand. Eight races were sailed over the three days of the event. Steve Benjamin with his team of Michael Menninger, George Peet, and Ian Liberty held onto the lead that they had over the weekend, finishing the three races today with an 11/ZFP, a second, and winning the last race of the regatta. Benjamin won the North American Championship for the second year in a row.  Congratulations to Steve.   

2016-10-2:  The 2016 Fall Series hosted by American Yacht Club (Rye, NY) completed its two weekend event on October 1-2 after getting started on September 24-25. Eighty-nine teams competed in divisions for IRC, PHRF, J/44, J/109, J/88, J/105, and J/70.  See Press Release below.  For full results on Yachtscoring, click HERE.

2016-10-2:  Sonar North American Championship was held at Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, Port Washington, NY on Sept 30 - Oct. 2.  See Press Release below.   For full results on Yachtscoring, click HERE

2016-9-11:  John Ruitenberg, Queens University, has won the MAISA Laser North regatta at Kings Point, home of the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA).  PRO Rick Dominique called it a day after completing 12 races over the two-day event.  With wind building to 18-20 knots, with gusts to 25,  it was determined that all positions for qualifying and the first place was lockied in, so racing was called for the day.  For a full results and an expanded report,  click HERE.  Photos from the event can be seen HERE and also on Sailing Press Facebook page HERE.

2016-8-23:  Sailing Press is proud to announce that Steve Benjamin, who is on our Advisory Board, has just won the Ida Lewis Distance Race.  Thanks very much to our friend, Barby MacGowan, Media Pro Newport, for her excellent coverage of this event.  More about Media Pro Newport HERE

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Upcoming Events

The Women’s International Match Racing Series (WIM Series)  This series is the first and only professional sailing series for women, hosted by the Women’s International Match Racing Association and joined by the world’s leading women match racing sailors. Match racing is sailed in two identical boats around a short course, providing fast action close to the crowds on shore. The intense racing is just as exciting for the spectators as it is strategically, tactically and physically challenging for the competing crews.

Standings after 2nd day of round-robin in the Busan Cup Women’s International Match Race, the 4th event of the 2016 WIM Series (name, nationality, wins – losses, winning percentage): 1. Trine Palludan, DEN, 7 – 1, 88%, 2. STEPHANIE ROBLE, USA, 4 – 1, 80%, 2. Lucy Macgregor, GBR, 4 – 1, 80%, 4. Katie Spithill, AUS, 6 – 2, 75%, 5. Pauline Courtois, FRA, 5 – 3, 63%, 6. Anna Östling, SWE, 3 – 2, 60%, 6. Claire Leroy, FRA, 3 – 2, 60%, 8. Caroline Sylvan, SWE, 4 – 4, 50%, 9. Renée Groeneveld, NED, 2 – 3, 40%, 9. Diana Kissane, IRL, 1 – 7, 13%, 11. Milly Bennett, AUS, 0 – 5, 0%, 12. Gyeong Jin Lee, KOR, 0 – 8, 0%

Manhasset Bay Fall Series.  When the late John B. Thomson, Jr. dreamed of a fall series to take advantage of the good wind conditions out on Long Island Sound, he may not have envisioned what happened last weekend at the 38th Annual Fall Series. While this year’s event may not be the “wildest ride ever,” it definitely has a place in the history books. Especially on Sunday. The forecast was for a sunny Sunday with winds under 10 knots. What the teams actually encountered was a Long Island Sound with white caps and swirling winds. Out at Execution Rocks Lighthouse, the winds were about 20 knots with higher gusts. This all made for a lot of fun racing – depending on your point of view (read: how impacted your boat was). Take for example, the first race on Sunday morning. All was going well, the Race Committee had everything under control, when all of a sudden, right at the start, a loud bang was heard. Excelsior, Todd LaBaugh, blew out his jib in spectacular fashion and was given a DNF (did not finish). He was able to get another jib and get back in the game for the 2nd and 3rd race on Sunday.

But the excitement didn’t end there. On Desperado, Skipper George Petrides maneuvered for position at the Race Committee end of the line. He tacked away for better wind, and all was good. As he raced across the bow of the Race Committee boat, one of his crew decided to add some excitement into the mix and did a back flip off the starboard side of the boat. His timing couldn’t have been better. Everyone on the Race Committee boat had front row seats to this spectacle and admired the guy’s agility. As the skipper continued racing upwind, this very soggy sailor managed hoist himself back onto the boat and back to his assigned duties. It helped that said soggy racer had on bright orange shoes to draw attention to his escapade! And from the photos, it appears that the skipper missed the entire episode, but in his defense, he was on the windward side of the boat  Click HERE for more

The 2016 Fall Regatta and J88 North American Championship, hosted by American Yacht Club (Rye, NY) completed its two weekend event on October 1-2 after getting started on September 24-25. Eighty-nine teams competed in divisions for IRC, PHRF, J/44, J/109, J/88, J/105, and J/70. The J/88 Class used the event as its North American Championship, with Mike Bruno’s team on Wings (USA) taking the title. Top boats: IRC: 1. BLAZER, Christopher Culver, 2. LIR, John McNamara, 3. QUINTESSENCE, Roger Widmann. J44: 1.CHALLENGE IV, Jeffrey Willis, 2. RESOLUTE, Don and Rick Rave, 3. MAXINE, William Ketcham. J109: 1. LOKI, David Rosow, 2. EMOTICON, Jonathan Rechtshaffer, 3. BIG BOAT, William Rogers. PHRF Div. 1: 1PARTNERSHIP, David/MaryEllen Tortorello, 2. OAKCLIFF OCEAN RACING TEAM, Oakcliff Sailing, 3. SOULMATES, Adam Loory. J88: 1. YONDER, Douglas Newhouse, 2. WINGS, Mike Bruno, 3. RED SKY, John Pearson. J105: 1. GOOD TRADE, Bruce Stone, 2. ECLIPSE, Damien Emery, 3. CONUNDRUM, Harold Edegran/Jeremy Henderson. J70: 1. NINE, Olvind Lorentzen III, 2. VICTURA, Bill Walker & Allan Stern, 3. SEMI CHARMED, Trevor Roach. PHRF Div. 2: 1. WHIRLWIND, William Purdy, 2. UPSETTER, Jason Viseltear, PARTICIPANT II, G. John Krediet. The top boats in the J88 North Americans: 1. WINGS, MIke Bruno, 2. YONDER, Douglas Newhouse, 3. VELOCITY, Kevin Marks. For full results on Yachtscoring, click HERE.

2016 Sonar North American Championship was held at Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, Port Washington, NY on Sept 30 - Oct. 2. The first day of racing, Friday, Sept. 30 was a practice race and the beginning of racing. PRO Sue Miller delayed the start of racing and got the event going right after noon. The winds were high and there was a lot of damage to boats. One boat lost its mast, another competitor had TWO of their team overboard, another boat lost their jib sheet, and a team member was hoisted to use the spinnaker sheet but that didn't hold in the high winds - they had to race one full leg without a jib and went from coming in high on the leaderboard to finishing 13th. No one was hurt and the racing continued throughout the weekend. Teams were energized by the good wind conditions and excellent courses set by the Race Committee. By Sunday, the RC completed 11 races. Colin Gordon, Guilford, CT, Sonar #506 was crowned the winner. Peter E. and Jean M. Galloway, FAST FORWARD, Wilton, CT, who lead at the end of Saturday came in 2nd, followed by Bruce and Debra McArthur, Stamford, CT. For full results on Yachtscoring, click HERE

Moosehead Luncheon, Stamford YC, Oct. 22, 2016.  Run by the Moosehead Committee, their mission is to find and expose Race Committee mistakes and then "out" them at the luncheon. Awards are actual mounted moose heads for the most part, loaned to the yacht club that has the (dubious) distinction of winning. It a fabulously fun and enlightening event....and showcases all those Race Committee  "oops!" moments.  Ray Redniss, Stamford YC, is chair of the Moosehead Committee and his band of marauders are on the look-out for ripe material. Invitations issued in October.

Winter Frostbite Series on Long Island Sound is alive and doing very well.  At the conclusion of the Moosehead Luncheon, many clubs extend the racing season with frostbite racing.  The competition in winter is top notch, as all fleets come together to race in very small dinghies and hope they get to the finish line without capsizing. Club hosting frostbiting include:  American, Black Rock, Cedar Point, Centerport, Fayerweather, Huguenot, Indian Harbor, Larchmont, Mamaroneck Frostbite Association, Manhasset Bay, Norwalk, Pequot, Riverside, Sea Cliff, Seawanhaka and Stamford.  It is worth noting that Manhasset Bay YC was the originator of the frostbite series.  If interested in winter racing, contact information for each club is available HERE

YRALIS Annual Award Meeting, Dec. 4, 2016, Larchmont YC. This annual meeting awards trophies to the top Long Island Sound winners in PHRF and one design boats. Meeting starts with a noted speaker (TBA) and follows with the awards.  Speaker to be announced.  Dinner available at LYC following the meeting, but need reservations.  For more information on the Annual Meeting,  For reservations for dinner, call the Larchmont YC at (914-834-2440.

"Greatness is not where we stand, but in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but sail we must, and not drift or lie at anchor."       -------Oliver Wendell Holmes                                                              


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