Maritime Art


Lawrence is mainly a plein air painter, a French term meaning paining in the open air.  He loves painting outside and on the spot. His paintings are completed all prima, which means in one session.  What makes his paintings unique is that he uses a limited palette of colors; the primaries, red, blue, yellow and white.  This is the method uses to teach his adult and children's classes.  

The subject of Lawrence's  painting are scenes we walk by every day and either don't notice or take for granted.  His maritime work covers beaches, boatyards, sunsets and coastlines from around the country.  Some of his painting are hanging in the halls of Congress.

Lawrence is represented by the Ris Gallery on the North Fork of Long Island in Jamesport. The gallery is located in the in same building that houses Sherwood House Vineyards, so patrons can enjoy a wonderful glass of wine while strolling through the gallery.

Have a favorite photo of your boat? Lawrence is available to turn it into a beautiful framed oil painting.  Click HERE for more information.

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